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Sutton Roofing
Sutton Roofing
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Roof Tiles

Our company is a certified CSR Monier Roofing Specialist.

There's a wide range of concrete and terracotta roof tiles available, with a large selection of profiles and colours to choose from.

50 Year Guarantee

CSR provides a 50 Year Guarantee on both Monier and Wunderlich roof tiles.

Monier has been manufacturing and installing concrete roof tiles for over 75 years. The Monier brand is backed by CSR Building Products which has been supplying building materials nationally for over 150 years to become one of Australia's leading suppliers and most recognised brands within the building industry.

7 Year Warranty

Sutton Roofing Pty Ltd provides a 7 Year Warranty on all workmanship.

Roof Tile Colour and Style Chart

Sutton Roofing